Today: A wedge, a write-off, a blog launch

Today, Friday, 17 February 2012, marks two weeks since my first post-op visit when I was fitted with the walking boot.  So per instructions, I get to ...

Star Birth

Three months since surgery: Two shoes, an alleged overdue balance, and more

Good news first; other news, second. Out of the boot, the walking cast, and into two shoes. This starting on a trial basis a few weeks ago, but now official. I’m still walking with a noticeable limp, but working on that. Regaining a normal range of motion. Yet I can with caution walk down a flight […]

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Machu Picchu at Sunrise

Overcrowded rehab, walking down steps, Machu Picchu and Ithaka

Counting my initial evaluation, today was my third session of physical therapy at Institute X, Northeast Philly location. $50 a pop — I pay, not insurance (which I do not have) not Medicare. This I think shapes my attitude just a bit. I’m not there to waste time. It’s not for me as it seems […]

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First physical therapy session today

It went well enough. I had already committed to a first appointment at an Institute X rehab center, one of many in the Philadelphia metro area. This when I had mistakenly thought the matter with Specialty Hospital X settled. Otherwise, I’d have no desire to give what is essentially their parent organization, Institute X, any […]

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Medusa. Caravaggio

Nonsense continuing: Specialty Hospital, Cardiology, and Anesthesia services

Update on previous nonsense with medical bills pre-paid, medical bills paid, and alleged medical bills outstanding. Last Friday evening I had a phone call from an employee at Institute X.  She claimed that based on her conversation with someone at Specialty Hospital X, I was sent a letter of explanation and a refund.  In a word, […]

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Mountain stream

Legacy, Legacies: Gift versus Claims

If making a will the first time around is for many people awkward, disturbing, or at the very least, a reckoning, then deciding and attempting to establish one’s legacy seems more so. Much more so. Not what property do I have to disperse and to whom. But what did my life mean, what did I […]

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Size of planets_comparison

Six weeks after surgery — a visit with the Dr. Part 2.

After waiting just over an hour past my appointment time, I’m ushered back into the examination room. The same room as before, with the boot nurse who’s not present today as far as I can see. Nor the male tech or nurse I met last time. It’s a new (for me) crew on shift, with […]

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